Proper grammar is essential to all forms of writing and helps to convey meaning and professionalism. English, however, is one of the trickiest languages when it comes to grammar and oftentimes even professional writers make mistakes. Though word processing programs now come with spelling and grammar checks, they aren’t perfect either and will miss errors related to context, use and the like.

Unlike word processing programs, Free-Grammar-Check looks at a number of factors when evaluating a piece of writing. Not only does it review grammar, but grammar check also checks spelling, vocabulary usage, punctuation, style and more. Word processors like MS Word and Openoffice very rarely catch errors outside of obvious misspelling and major grammatical errors. That’s because unlike Free-Grammar-Check, they are unable to ascertain the style, purpose or usage within the text to flag all the possible issues. The grammar check is free, convenient and a fast and simple way to achieve peace of mind when it comes to writing.

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Solid grammar can go a long way in a lot of situations. Well-written resumes and CVs provide job-seekers with a better chance of scoring an interview. A well-organised and thought out paper can help a student achieve better grades, thus leading to a wealth of new opportunities. Professional writers, bloggers and more can also benefit from the service as they are often strapped for time or up against a deadline. Instead of painstakingly going through writing manually, simply check your grammar for free before turning in an article or report. Given its importance, it would be hard to pass up a free grammar checker.

Whether it’s the difference between adverbs or adjective or the use of possessive apostrophes, everyone has their own personal weak points when it comes to writing. Because English can be such a complex language, many errors go unseen by proofreaders especially in relation to homonyms, maintaining tense and dangling participles. Furthermore, simple mistypes like writing “is” instead of “in” can often be overlooked before being evaluated or published. All these mistakes and more can all be flagged simply by performing a grammar check for free.

Free-Grammar-Check is a fast and convenient method of reviewing writing for a wide range of common errors and mistakes. Best of all, the grammar checker free to use, so next time you’re in need of a review or proofreading, make sure to try it out.

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